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What We Do

Survey Research

Our surveys help organizations boost performance by identifying and addressing their challenges and opportunities.

Top performing organizations take advantage of their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. But they can’t do this unless they can view themselves objectively. ORF’s custom survey research can help you determine what important stakeholders really think about your organization – and its products and services.

Our data gathering methods include print- and web-based questionnaires, telephone and in-person interviews, and focus groups. We work closely with you to determine which option best meets your needs.

ORF conducts six types of survey research:

1. Employee Surveys – What employees think about their work environment and their employer affects their actions – and the bottom line. We can help you measure employee opinions on key issues of interest to management and use the information to improve business results.

2. Management Culture Surveys – For an organization to succeed, its leaders must understand and embody its philosophy, vision and goals. We can help you measure manager and supervisor perceptions and determine whether your current culture is facilitating your firm’s long-term effectiveness and performance.

3. Quality Surveys – Employees can provide valuable feedback on the quality of your organization’s products or services. We can help you measure worker perceptions of your offerings to both internal and external customers.

4. Customer Surveys – To stay competitive, your organization needs to meet or exceed customer expectations. We can help you measure internal and external customer perceptions about your products and services, and focus on the issues that will increase satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Marketing Research Surveys – Is your marketing program as effective as it could be? We can help you evaluate the success of existing or new products, services or marketing approaches. We also can help you segment your current and prospective customer bases and identify demographic trends in your marketplace.

6. Sales Force Effectiveness Surveys – Are you getting the most out of your sales force? We can work with your sales organization to identify the factors that are crucial to sales success and develop customized survey tools to find out where your salespeople fall on the performance spectrum.

All of our survey research follows a strict methodology to ensure valid results. First, we work with you to identify the key issues you need to explore and develop a comprehensive survey that meets your unique needs. We then administer the survey, capture and tabulate the data and create an easy-to-read results report that highlights key findings.

At the end of the process, we present the report and work with you to develop and implement a solid action plan. We stay personally involved every step of the way.

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