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What We Do

Strategic Planning

We help organizations define their overall business strategies and turn them into action.

For an organization to succeed, its leaders must envision where it needs to go – and exactly how to get there. It’s hard, however, to find the time to focus on long-term strategic planning. ORF can help your company lay out sound business strategies, as well as realistic implementation plans.

ORF’s strategic planning work is built around a quantifiable understanding of your business and the marketplace you operate in. Our two-step approach consists of:

1. Fact-Finding and Analysis – We use proven tools and techniques to gather and analyze the data you need to create your strategic plan. We identify the marketplace position, strengths and weaknesses of your organization – as well as its competitors. We also help you pinpoint the challenges it needs to address – and the opportunities it should take advantage of – to boost performance.

2. Documentation and Implementation – After all the facts have been gathered and analyzed, we conduct a multi-day workshop with your organization’s senior management team. Together, we leverage the analysis to develop a solid strategic plan that includes a future strategy statement, concrete success measures and detailed action plans (timelines, accountabilities and next steps).

With a solid, research-based strategic plan in place, your organization will be well-positioned for long term success.

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Strategic Planning