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What We Do

Municipal Consulting

We help local municipal governments recruit highly qualified executives and senior managers.

City and village governments and county boards often have difficulty finding and retaining qualified leaders and managers. If you’re responsible for filling these kinds of positions, ORF can help you throughout the entire hiring process:

• Board Communication – ORF will prepare a process flow chart with key decision points and dates for your Board to review.

• Advertising – We’ll help your municipal HR staff prepare and place effective advertising and informational packages that will bring you appropriate candidates.

• Pre-Screening – Using the hiring criteria established for the position, we’ll develop an initial list of qualified candidates and present the candidates to you for consideration.

• Interviews and Assessments – We’ll work with you to develop an in-depth interview process and quantifiable assessment techniques to evaluate job candidates.

• Interviewer/Assessor Training – We’ll help you identify which staff members should conduct the interviews and/or assessments and prepare them for their roles.

• Final Screening – We’ll compile the interview and assessment results and present the top three candidates for consideration.

• Compensation Benchmarking – If necessary, we also can conduct market research to help you put together a competitive compensation package that will ensure the retention of your new hire.

With a well-planned and well-executed recruiting process, you’ll find the executives and senior management your organization needs to succeed.


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