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What We Do

Compensation Analysis

Our compensation analyses help organizations create competitive pay programs that are aligned with overall business goals.

Organizational performance depends on attracting, retaining and inspiring high-quality workers. But many companies aren’t sure if their compensation is competitive with the rest of the marketplace. We can help you benchmark positions and evaluate their value. We also can help you develop pay programs and practices that are motivating, competitive and consistent with your overall business strategy.

ORF can provide you with the following secondary research:

Market Survey Data – Need to know if your organization has a competitive compensation program? We can provide you with industry-specific pay data for executive, management and non-management positions.

• Quick Response Web-Based Market Survey Data – We also can provide you with direct compensation data for up to six jobs within a compressed time period.

ORF also can help you with the following:

Job Evaluation – We can help you develop and implement job evaluation plans that reflect how various positions are valued within the organization. We design these plans to reflect the unique characteristics of each job and ensure internal equity within your company.

• Non-Officer Compensation – We utilize the market survey data described above to match your jobs with those in the benchmark surveys. We’ll help you determine the market-competitiveness of the current salaries, short-term incentives and total annual cash you’re providing to your employees. We’ll also help you ensure that your pay practices are consistent with your organization’s compensation philosophy and aligned with your business goals.

• Executive Compensation – We use a combination of data sources – both national market surveys and proxy data (for investor-owned companies) – to determine the competitiveness of your executive compensation. We’ll help you evaluate your leaders’ base salaries, short-term incentives, total annual cash, long-term incentive plans and total direct compensation to ensure that these plans are competitive. We’ll also make sure they’re aligned with your company’s compensation philosophy and business goals.

No matter what your needs, we can provide you with the information and assistance you need to ensure you’re compensating your people appropriately.

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